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Legal details

Liability Exclusion Clause

Content of the On-line Offering:

We make every effort to ensure that the information available on this website is correct and complete. However, we will not assume any liability or warranty for the currency, correctness or completeness of the information made available on this site.

References and und Links:

HakaGerodur AG has no influence over the currency and content of the external sites linked or referenced on its Internet site. The content presented there solely reflects the opinions of the respective publisher of those sites. Therefore, HakaGerodur AG herewith expressly distances itself from all content in all of the linked or referenced sites. This statement applies to all links and references made within its own website. The site provider shall be solely liable for any illegal, erroneous or incomplete content and in particular for damages resulting from the use or non-use of such presented information, which the link pointed to, and not the party who only indicated the respective publication through the link. When the initial link or reference to the outside Internet offering was made, the content was checked for civil or criminal violation responsibility by HakaGerodur AG at the time the link or reference was inserted.

The operators of the linked sites are solely and exclusively responsible for the content.

Copyright and Brand Rights:

HakaGerodur AG attempts to heed the applicable copyrights for the graphics and copy used in all publications, to use self-prepared graphics and copy, or take advantage of license-free graphics and copy.

All of the brands and trademarks mentioned and possibly protected by third parties in this Internet site are subject to the unrestricted terms and conditions of the applicable trademark law and the ownership rights of the respective registered owners. The conclusion may not be drawn that brand names are not protected through third-party rights solely through their mention here.

The copyright of all self-prepared data, copy and graphics is solely held by HakaGerodur AG. The reproduction or other use of this publication in electronic or printed form is not permitted without the expressed permission of HakaGerodur AG.

Legal Force:

If parts or individual formulations of this liability exclusion clause shall not conform to applicable regulations in part or in their entirety, the other parts shall not be effected in their content or validity.
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