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Barrier Pipe / with diffusion resistent barrier-layer
The Barrier Pipe newly developed by Gerodur is based on our proven, unique technology of multi-stage Extrusion for PE-pressure pipes with a functional layer structure - GEROfit® . An additional, intelligent layer on the basis of a metallic material makes it possible to obtain a Diffusion density which opens a significantly expanded field of application compared to the conventional plastic pipes.

In an environment which is increasingly burdened, the substantial danger of polluting drinking water by incoming harmful substances, such as contaminated soil, rises steadily. Chemical substances can permeate through pipe walls (permeation) and contaminate the drinking water (contamination).

Pipe structure: The tried and tested PE 100-RC pipe which has been made of latest, crack-resistant materials "1" forms the basis of the pipe structure. It is completely covered with an intelligent, metallic/polymer multi-layer film "2". During the production process, the individual layers are welded together in order to obtain a homogeneous, continuous barrier layer. On the outside, the pipe has a self-protecting layer - the jacket "3". This highly abrasion-resistant jacket provides an extreme protection against scratches and notches. Thus, GEROfit® REX is also ideally suited for use in all trenchless (No Dig) methods.

Typical danger zones are, for example, pipeline routes through: 
  • Industrial areals
  • Petrol stations
  • Disposal sites 
  • Traffic areas
  • Utilised agricultural Areas (danger: over-fertilisation)
  • Graveyards
  • Flooded and high water areas
  • Groundwater interchange zones
  • Low safety distance between various media-pipes 

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