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GEROfit®– the pressure pipe with protective jacket

Range of application

GEROfit® is a further developed pressure pipe, which complies equally with technical and eco-nomical requirements in pipe laying. Thanks to the resistant protective jacket, damage to the medium carrying pipe as a result of mechanical loads can be avoided to the largest extent. This has a positive effect on an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

Pipe dimensions
  • Blue / yellow / brown protective jackets (drinking water / gas and sewage) made of non-abrasive, high-quality plastic
  • Sections of bars 5/10m Dimensions de 75 – 400mm in SDR 17 Dimensions de 32 – 400mm in SDR 11
  • Coil of 50/100m Dimensions de 32 – 75mm in SDR 11

HakaGerodur pressure pipes correspond in dimensioning and marking to the appropriate stan-dards for the respective case of use, such as e.g. DIN 8074/8075.

SVGW  – Swiss Gas and Water Association
PAS 1075

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