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Einführung Geothermie

GEROtherm®- geothermal systems are suitable for use of geothermal
energy or to deduct (store) surplus heat into the ground. To do so, closed vertical or horizontal piping systems are used. We distinguish geothermal probes, horizontal earth collectors, collectors/distributors and energy piles. To produce these systems we use plastic pipes made out of PE 100-RC ("Resistance to crack"), as they ideally meet the requirements regarding heat absorption and release.

In this area we are happy to support our customers with our know-how and experience from the planning procedure to the project implementation.

  coaxial probegeothermal probesgeothermal probesgeothermal probeshorizontal earth collectorsenergy piles

«Geothermal energy» is the energy saved in the form of heat under the earth’s surface. Immense amount of heat is stored inside the earth, whose origin is in the naturally radioactive iso-tope from the time of the formation (approx. 30-50%) on the one hand and due to the disintegration energy (approx. 50-70%). Temperatures of over 6000°C should exist in the core of the earth. 99% of our planet is hotter than 1000°C. The heat content of the earth would cover the present energy requirements of our world for 30 million years.

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