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Geothermal probes

GEROtherm® geothermal probes are made of polyethylene PE-100 of the latest generation. They are available in the dimensions of 25 x 2.3mm, 32 x 2.9mm and 40 x 3.7mm. Lengths up to 350m in standard lengths are always on stock. GEROtherm® geothermal probes are monitored by Süddeutsche Kunststoff-Zentrum (SKZ) in Würzburg as the first system of this type.

The SKZ testing and monitoring symbol proves that all components (pipes, moulded parts, fit-tings) correspond to the prevailing standards and specifications, such as ISO, EN, DIN, DVS, etc. In VDI Guideline No. 4640, Sheet 1 and 2, the requirements of geothermal probes as well as pipe systems are specified.

General standard values for the specific heat removal power of geothermal probes (Source: VDI 4640, Sheet 2)

  Heat pumps – operating hours with specific heat removal power
  for 1,800 h/a for 2,400 h/a
Poor underground (dry sediment) 25 W/m 20 W/m
Normal rocky underground and water saturated sediment 60 W/m 50 W/m
Consolidated rock with high thermal conductivity 84 W/m 70 W/m

Exact performance details can be taken from VDI Guideline 4640 Sheet 2 "Thermal utilization of the underground“.

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