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Horizontal earth collectors

Earth collectors are used for detached and semi-detached houses in rural areas. The heat is taken away using horizontally laid pipelines in the area of the plot that is not built over.

HakaGerodur AG offers earth collector pipes made of PE 100-RC and KITs, which include the complete brine circuit. The dimensioning complies with VDI4640. We will be glad to send you reference tables on the current available heat pumps.

Possible specific heat removal powers of earth collectors (Source: VDI 4640, Sheet 2)

Heat pumps – operating hours with specific heat removal power
  for 1’800 h/a for 2'400 h/a
Dry, non-cohesive soils 10 W/m2 8 W/m2
Cohesive soils; damp 20 - 30 W/m2 16 - 24 W/m2
Water saturated sand / gravel 40 W/m2 32 W/m2

Exact performance details can be taken from VDI Guideline 4640 Sheet 2 "Thermal utilization of the underground“.

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