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Sewer and drain pipe programme PE

HSP LogoA material for maximum requirements
In the sewage construction an important and usage oriented innovation is emerging with the moulded fit-tings made of polyethylene (PE). Now, complete sewage pipelines made of polyethylene can be prepared with this new programme. This omits the time consuming and expensive individual constructions and is re-placed with more efficient and cost effective connecting parts.

Here are the advantages, which speak for this material:
  • Very good ageing resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Shock/impact resistant even at low temperatures

Technical details
  • Material PE 80 in pipe quality (i.e. new material and no recycled material)
  • Dimensions de 110 – 200mm
  • Pipe series de 110 – 160mm SDR 26 / S 12.5, de 200mm SDR 33 / S 16
  • Manufactured according to DIN 19537, tested according to DIN 19537 (SKZ)

Simple installation
The precise and exact fit of the rubber seal
  • ensures good plugging with absolute tight fit
  • enables simple handling and quick installation
  • offers high operating safety

Programme overview
  • Elbows 30° / 45° / 88.5°, sleeves, branches (identical and reduced), reductions

You get a complete pipeline system with a uniform quality standard together with our pipes.
A convincing solution for economical use.

Gplus (earlier VSA approval)

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