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Cable conduit pipe programme PE GEROvolt / GEROwatt / GEROsol / GEROcom

Cable conduit pipes are manufactured from recycled PE. They protect electric cables from me-chanical damage. The cable conduit pipes are used widely today in the telecommunication in-dustry. Depending on lengths, they are supplied in bares and coils in the following versions:


Supply programme
  • Socket ends or smooth ends
  • Material: GEROvolt LDPE, GEROwatt + GEROsol HDPE Recyclat, GEROlux HDPE new materials
  • Dimension de 72 – 214mm (GEROlux up to 163mm)
  • White with red marking stripes (GEROsol silver-grey for open laying)


Approval: C+S quality symbol of the Association of Plastic Pipes and Pipeline Parts


Supply programme GEROlight
  • Socket ends
  • Material HDPE
  • Dimensions de 72 – 163mm; bars of 5/10 m
  • Black with red marking stripes


Supply programme for telecommunication pipes

  • Socket ends or smooth ends
  • Material HDPE
  • Dimensions K28, K34, K40, K55 (de 32 – de 63mm)
  • Gray or black
  • Inside with lengthways grooves

Supply programme of the protective pipe for firbre optic cable PE-HD GEROCom

  • Smooth ends
  • Material PE-HD new material 
  • Dimensions de 7 - 14 mm 
  • Red, green, yellow, blue, white, orange, pink, light green


The pipe programme is completed by a wide range of moulded parts and accessories.

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