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GEROtherm® Coaxial sondes

The GEROtherm® Koax is an extension to the proven double-U geothermal probes. Two pipes of DE 63 mm and DE 40 mm pushed into one another create a single coaxial probe. The brine liquid flows downwards through the annular gap and upwards in the interior pipe. The liquid is warmed up in the heating mode and respectively cooled down in the air conditioning mode.

The efficiency of a coaxial probe with the dimensions DE 63 mm/DE 40 mm corresponds approximately to that of a double-U geothermal probe DE 32. Thus it is also integrated in the known and proven GEROtherm® System . The pressure rating for the outer pipe is pn 10, resp. SDR 17. Thus the tubing rigidity is lower and the installation is simpler compared with the SDR 11.

The stress crack-resistant and concentrated-load-resistant polyethylene PE 100-RC is used for the outer tubing of the coaxial probe. The interior pipe and the probe head are made from proven PE 100. The proven products of the GEROtherm® geothermal system can be used to unite multiple coaxial probes and for the connection to the heat pump.


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