Thanks to the resistant GEROfit® protective jacket made of modified polypropylene, the damage caused by mechanical loads can be largely avoided. This in turn has a positive effect on an optimum cost-benefit ratio in pipe laying.

An extensive range of accessories (smooth-ended/­socked parts, weld fittings, flanges, tools, machines) rounds off our delivery range.

Application areas

  • Open trench with reuse of suitable excavated material
  • Burst lining
  • Horizontal drilling (HDD)
  • Relining
  • Ground displacement (impact mole)
  • Milling
  • Ploughing


  • Standard dimensions and pressure ratings as for standard pipes
  • Same welding parameters as for standard pipes
  • Use of standard fittings
  • Optimal use of materials: core pipe made of proven polyethylene
  • Protective jacket made of harder polypropylene

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