GEROgrip consists of the proven pressure pipe types GEROthen®, RCprotect® and GEROfit® as well as a pressure class-compliant, longitudinally force-locking plastic sleeve. The sleeves are made of PE 100-RC.

GEROgrip can be mounted easily, without electrical power or special tools. The patented tension-locking system guarantees an immediate, longitudinal force-locked connection. The inserted EPDM seal ensures pressure class-compliant tightness.

Application areas

  • GEROthen®, pressure pipe made of PE 100, use in open construction with sand or round gravel coating
  • RCprotect®, pressure pipe made of PE 100-RC with a dimensionally integrated, coloured outer layer
  • Use for laying without sand beds and reuse of excavated material
  • GEROfit®, pressure pipe made of PE 100-RC with a protective jacket – designed for trenchless laying or in rough terrain


  • Laying possible with residual water in the system
  • Pressure-compatible as well as tension-resistant plug-in connection
  • Fast connection without cooling or dwell times
  • Use of the pipe immediately after assembly
  • Extensive range of sleeve moulded parts

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