The secure operation of pressure pipelines forms the basis of gas and water supply. For more than 70 years, plastic pipes made of polyethylene (PE) have contributed to this security through their simple laying and connection technology. They ensure a loss-free and hygienic supply of drinking water. In the case of gas pipelines, they ensure the safe transportation of gas. PE pressure pipes are also being used more and more in the industrial sector. With GEROthen®, the pressure pipe made of PE 100-RC, HakaGerodur offers an extensive range for these applications.

An extensive range of accessories (smooth-ended/­socked parts, weld fittings, flanges, tools, machines) rounds off our delivery range.

Application areas

  • Gas and water supply
  • Waste water pressure systems
  • Anergy networks
  • District cooling systems
  • Industrial pipes


  • Low density compared to other materials
  • High creep strength (long service life)
  • Resistant to numerous chemicals
  • PE 100-RC, extreme toughness and elongation at break
  • Low abrasion

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