GEROtherm® DUPLEX-REXThe completely diffusion-resistant geothermal probe with protective layer


The completely diffusion-resistant GEROtherm® DUPLEX-REX geothermal probe prevents the penetration of gaseous substances. The completely diffusion-resistant double-U probe for shallow geothermal use. Resists internal pressure up to PN16@ 20°C and PN20@ 20°C.


The foot (U-bend) features the same geometry as the double-U probes, but with a vapour-deposited metallic film layer and protective lacquer coating. The core pipe, which carries the medium, is made from state-of-the-art, crack-resistant PE100-RC and is certified to SKZ HR3.26. The pipe’s diffusion resistance is achieved by using a polymer-matrix film with an integral diffusion barrier. It also features a scratch-resistant protective jacket for mechanical protection. This innovation is patented; Patent No. EU 3 450 878.

Product details


  • Core pipe made from PE100-RC (RC = resistance to crack); diffusion barrier made of polymer matrix film; polypropylene PP protective layer


  • Temperature range: –20°C/­+40°C

  • Pressure resistance: PN16@ 20°C/­SDR 11
  • Dimensions: de 35 mm, de 43 mm

  • Pressure resistance: PN20@ 20°C/­SDR 9
  • Dimensions: de 43 mm

For further product details, please refer to the corresponding Technical datasheets or the Flyer.


  • Greater resistance thanks to reinforced walls on probe foot (U-bend); PN25
  • Compatible with the GEROtherm® weight system‎, the GEROtherm® PUSH-FIX impact-resistant sleeve including weight connector and the GEROtherm® UNI-FIX universal weight mounting
  • Larger cross-sections and welded coupler sockets for lower hydraulic resistance
  • Proven mud container in probe foot (U-bend) with two ribs that make it easier to use a measuring float
  • No need for welding on site
  • DIN EN 12201-2
  • Patent No. EU 3 450 878 and EP 2 395 301

Please refer to the corresponding Tender specifications for a more detailed product description.

Price list

(For the price list in € please contact our sales team.)


Dimension Pressure resistance
Standard lengths
Ø probe foot
Coil dimensions
32 x 3.0 mmup to PN16@20°C /­ up to SDR11 50 - 160 m 94 mm Probes
40 x 3.7 mmup to PN16@20°C /­ up to SDR11 50 - 300 m 115 mm Probes
40 x 4.5 mmup to PN20@20°C /­ up to SDR9200 - 300 m115 mmProbes
Factory certificate as per EN 10204 2.2



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