GEROtherm® DUPLEX-RTThe geothermal probe for greater temperature and stress crack resistance made from PE100-RT-RC*


Double-U probe for shallow geothermal use. Resists internal pressure up to PN16@ 20°C and PN20@ 20°C. The probe pipes have the same outside diameter as the DUPLEX double-U probes, but are made from PE100-RT-RC*.


The probe foot (U-bend) is an important component in the GEROtherm® geothermal probe. It is subjected to the greatest stresses during installation and operation. That is why HakaGerodur has modified and patented its tried-and-tested GEROtherm® probe foot (32 mm and 40 mm). It is made from the material PE100-RT-RC*.

* Geothermal probes made from PE100-RT-RC is a protected technology. Patent No. CH 717 800 A2.

Product details


  • Polyethylene PE100-RT-RC* (RT = raised temperature; RC = resistance to crack)


  • Temperature range: –20°C/­+95°C1)

  • Pressure resistance: PN16@ 20°C/­SDR 11
  • Dimensions: de 32 mm, de 40 mm

  • Pressure resistance: PN20@ 20°C/­SDR 9
  • Dimensions: de 40 mm

* Geothermal probes made from PE100-RT-RC is a protected technology. Patent No. CH 717 800 A2.
1) The expected durability of the material depends on the duration and temperature of use, along with the inside pressure. The load limits are calculated based on the cumulative damage rule (Miner’s rule) as per SN EN ISO 13760. (For an object-specific definition, the annual frequency temperature profile and the inside pressure must be provided.)

For further product details, please refer to the corresponding Technical datasheets or the Flyer.


  • Nubbed design of probe foot (U-bend) for greater safety
  • Proven mud container in probe foot (U-bend) with two new ribs that make it easier to use a measuring float
  • Greater resistance thanks to reinforced walls on probe foot (U-bend); PN25
  • Compatible with the GEROtherm® weight system‎, the GEROtherm® PUSH-FIX impact-resistant sleeve including weight connector and the GEROtherm® UNI-FIX universal weight mounting
  • Larger cross-sections and welded coupler sockets for lower hydraulic resistance
  • No need for welding on site as per SIA 384/­6 and VDI 4640
  • DIN EN 12201-2‎
  • Patent No. EP 2 395 301 and CH 717 800 A2

Please refer to the corresponding Tender specifications for a more detailed product description.

Price list

(For the price list in € please contact our sales team.)


Dimension Pressure resistance Standard lengths

Ø probe foot
Coil dimensions
32 x 3.0 mmup to PN16@20°C /­ up to SDR11 50 - 160 m 92 mm Probes
40 x 3.7 mmup to PN16@20°C /­ up to SDR11 50 - 300 m 113 mm Probes
40 x 4.5 mmup to PN20@20°C /­ up to SDR9200 - 300 m113 mmProbes
Factory certificate as per EN 10204 2.2



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