GEROtherm® small manholeType L

Small manhole made of plastic for connecting geothermal probes outside. Suitable for brine amounts of up to 19.6 m3/­­h*. SAVE 125 flow with ball valve and return with control valve inline setter.

The GEROtherm® small manhole impresses users as a tried-and-tested product.

Please refer to the corresponding Tender specifications for a more detailed Product description.

Product details

  • Suitable for brine amounts of up to 19.6 m3/­­h
  • Measurement ranges of the inline flow valve from 20 to 70 l/­min per connection or alternatively 5 to 42 l/­min
  • For geothermal probes single U and double U ø 32 and 40 mm
  • Connections for 2 to 4 geothermal probes
  • Connections in the dimensions ø 40 and 50 mm
  • With filling/­drainage valve Rp 1¼"
  • Connection pipe to water pump dimension ø 63 mm /­- ø 75 mm and ø 90 mm
  • Main outlet left, right or on both sides (on both sides in the case of 16 connections)
  • Main barrier optional (with 5–8 connections, separate configuration: see Price list on page 102)
  • For weight and prices, see the Price list on page 103

You can find further product details on the corresponding Flyer in the Download area.


  • Fully factory pre-assembled, tested and ready to connect to the electrofusion coupler sockets
  • Installed and pressure-tested GEROtherm® collector/­distributor 97 impresses with its extremely low pressure loss, which increases the energy efficiency of the entire system
  • Every brine circuit can be regulated and shut off individually
  • Radially removable ball valves and balancing valves enable easy replacement in the event of damage
  • Handles for easy transport on the construction site
  • The cover can be walked on (up to a weight of 200 kg); not suitable for vehicles
  • Uplift protection can be implemented on the outer bottom with backfill material
  • Dome can be shortened if necessary
  • Customer-specific adjustments /­ optimisations possible at any time

Price list

(For the price list in € please contact our sales team.)

Installation instructions

Part no. Description Weight  
114469 Lip seal for cover 200 kg against water 0.9 Price list page 107
104804 Plastic cover A15 screwed and waterproof 13.4 "
113233 Full cast cover DN600/­­­­B125 Inscription GEOTHERMIE1
56.0 "
104537Cover key for 113233
108132 Main barrier ball valve 2 pcs. 63mm mounted2 2.5 "
108133 Main barrier ball valve 2 pcs. 75mm mounted2
4.8 "
108134Main barrier ball valve 2 pcs. 90mm mounted27.0"
1 requires lip seal 114469 /­­ max. direct load type S/­­M/­­L = A15
2 main barriers type M up to max. 12 connections. Main barriers each have the same dimensions as the main outlet.

Delivery time: on request

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