All-plastic pipe MPPPE-Xc

Our physically cross-linked polyethylene PE-Xc pipe meets the highest demands for durability and resistance. The plastic pipe is characterised by quality, reliability and safety even under extreme conditions. The pipes are available with up to five layers.

Available as an OEM/­private label product in the standard dimensions, colours and coil lengths.

Application areas

One-layer design

  • Drinking water installation

Five-layer design

  • Surface heating
  • Cooling system
  • Radiator connection


  • High temperature and pressure resistance
  • Corrosion and incrustation resistant
  • Resistant to numerous chemicals
  • Oxygen-tight (five-layer pipe) according to DIN 4726
  • High elasticity

Layer composition

1. Outer layer of PE-Xc
2. Adhesion promoter
3. EVOH-Oxygen barrier layer
4. Adhesion promoter
5. Inner layer of PE-Xc

Layer composition

1. ‎Inner layer of PE-Xc
2. adhesion promoter for a force-fit connection
3. EVOH-Oxygen barrier layer
4. adhesion promoter for a force-fit connection
5. Outer layer of PE-Xc

Product properties


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