SESUSelf-sinking pipe system

Over the years, polyethylene (PE) has become the first choice for marine pipelines for drinking water and wastewater. The flexibility of the pipes is necessary in many cases to allow the installation of such pipes without heavy equipment. Since the density of the pipe is less than water, there was a need for concrete weights for the negative buoyancy of the sea lines. Hallingplast's SESU pipes are next-generation self-sinking pressure pipes made of PE 100-RC. The media-bearing PE 100-RC core pipe is equipped with a heavy jacket extruded in a multi-stage process.

Application areas

  • River and lake crossings
  • Installation in areas with high groundwater level
  • Underwater installations


  • Firmly connected pipe system by means of heating element butt welding or electrofusion welding
  • No danger from corrosion and cracks of bolted connections or concrete weights
  • No danger from loose or sliding concrete ballast weights
  • Simple logistics and faster erection on site
  • Less installation equipment needed on site
  • Greater safety in case of emergency anchoring
  • High flexibility
  • At least 100 years service life
  • Environmentally friendly

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